Monday, October 11, 2010

New River Gorge Bridge - West Virginia

 New River Gorge Bridge

The Bridge is considered the "Western Hemisphere's longest single span steel arch bridge" and is part of US Route 19.  Located near Fayetteville & Lansing, West Virginia, this area of the New River is known for white water rafting and flows under The New River Gorge Bridge.

Photo: Frank Cerevalo

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The bridge is the centerpiece of Fayette County's "Bridge Day", during which the bridge is closed to vehicular traffic. This festival includes demonstrations of rappelling, ascending and BASE jumping, and is held every October on the third Saturday. Bungee jumping has been banned from Bridge Day since 1993.

BASE jumper Brian Lee Schubert, 66, of Alta Loma, California, died during Bridge Day 2006 (October 21) when his parachute did not open in time. His death was the first that occurred during BASE jumping at the New River Gorge Bridge Day Festival since 1987, and only the third ever. One other BASE jumper was killed while performing an illegal, non-Bridge Day related jump.

The bridge is within the New River Gorge National River and the National Park Service operates a visitor center at the northern end of the bridge with scenic overlooks and a staircase that descends partially into the gorge.

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