Friday, February 25, 2011

Place du Cardinal Lavigerie in Rabat, Morocco

 95.601.78  RABAT
Place du Cardinal Lavigerie

Real Photo Postcard by La Cigogne

postmarked in 1954 with a Morocco stamp

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I can't make out what this is!  There was a Cardinal Lavigerie .....
Charles Martial Allemand Lavigerie (31 October 1825–26 November 1892) -  a French cardinal, archbishop of Carthage and Algiers and primate of Africa.

But this is not the church that went by that name (now called the Cathedral of St. Peter).  So maybe this is a street named after Cardinal Lavigerie??

The main building on the postcard has a first word of Palais (Palace) but I can't make sense of the second word - Wogler?? 

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