Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Poem

Happy Hallowe'en

Guess Halloween is not so bad
Cause most folks seem mighty glad
And all fix up in this or that,
WIth funny face and funny hat.

Some look like ghosts, some like dogs
Some like witches, some like frogs,
And Mickey Mouse is on the scene
Or Snow White and the lovely Queen,

Then Ferdinand will prance about
While every one will dance and shout.
Pop-eye the sailor will be on hand
With Olive Oyle at his command,

All  year long we wouldn't dare,
To make our neighbors stop and stare.
But this one night is a night of fun
And the only night it can be done.

So get your face and funny hat
And some of this and some of that,
And be a clown just for tonite,
For after all it is quite right
To have your fun and have it clean
For this is Happy Halloween.

By Juanita Ward


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Snap said...

What a fun Halloween card! Happy PFF!

lostforwords101 said...

Fun card, indeed!

I wish we have a livelier Halloween tradition where kids really go 'trick or treat' -ing. Can't do that back in the province cause stray dogs will chase them for sure :(

VioletSky said...

that is a fun poem. I wonder when the last time some dressed as Popeye and Olive Oyl?

viridian said...

Would today's children even recognize Popeye and olive Oyl? Viridian, stopping in from Sunday Stamps and my blog.