Saturday, October 15, 2011

Souvenir From France, Embroidered Postcard

Souvenir From France

the sender writes:
A souvenir of Orleans, France.  The home of Joan of Arc.  The woman who lead the French Army against the English.

This postcard is unused, however it has writing on the back.

The  embroidered flags and flowers are on a removable piece of silk.  (The part that lifts off is surrounded by green thread). Men would mail postcards like this to their wives and the wives would take the embroidered part off and sew it on quilts.

It is getting harder to find cards like this!


Kilona said...

Wow, I'm intrigued by this connection between quilts and postcards, both being my passion.

9teen87 said...

There are a lot of embroidered postcards from the past, but they are getting harder to find in good shape.

And like you, I love to quilt :D