Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Bomber (Texaco) Gas Station / Restaurant

The Bomber Gas Station (this is now The Bomber Restaurant)
Highway 99 E, Milwaukie, Oregon

unused, printed in 1997, however the picture is older than that

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From their website:
Our World War II B-17G Bomber was originally flown to Oregon by Art Lacey. From 1947 until its closing, the "Flying Fortress" you see in Milwaukie, OR. sheltered one of the nation's largest filling stations.

Currently, there are under 20 intact examples of B-17s world wide. After 64 years of weathering Oregon's climate, birds and suffering from wanton vandalism, Milwaukie's Bomber is being restored! This is a long term project that will lead to the education of generations to come about the World War II era.

The memorabilia displayed in the family restaurant are reminders of a history, not to be forgotten. The Bomber family is dedicated to the preservation of this "flying Fortress" christened the "Lacey Lady". She stands in honor of the men and woman who fought so valiantly during WWII to save our freedom.


deltiolog said...

This is only a few miles from where I live. I should go check it out, if it's still there.

9teen87 said...

Let me know what you find please if you do.