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The Rifle Song - Poland's Patriotic Song from the Polish-Soviet War 1919-1921

Piesn Strzelcow (Rifle Song)
a Polish Patriotic song

unused, made in 1920

I found the English lyrics on line .....

Hey, shooters together, white eagle on us,
and against our mortal enemy, and one hundred.
Soon the roar of our guns lightning shots.
Let the flight of bullets headed savior God!
So I cook a gun and bullets hit deep
The fathers grave poostrz steel bayonets.
At the sound of trumpets, your rifle to take the eye!
Hey! Attention! Goal! And in your head, or heart burn!
Hey, trumpets! Hey, trumpets trąbko shooting away!
A prick, a clearing, and the head or the heart burn!
Increased leaf pine, so top scorers faith.
Do you have a gun in his hand, and breast the holy fire.
Hey, Moscow here, and hangman Come here!
From our bullets do not shelter kniaźni car.
Once there already played the trumpet sounds
Polish shines weapons, like ears stalnych waves.
Today, we pay you the tears of mothers and widows' groans.
Hey! ... Guard

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Polish–Soviet War (February 1919 – March 1921) was an armed conflict with Soviet Russia and Soviet Ukraine pitted against the Second Polish Republic and the Ukrainian People's Republic, four states in post–World War I Europe. The war was the result of the belligerents' desire to expand their territories and their influence over them. Poland, whose statehood had just been re-established by the Treaty of Versailles following the Partitions of Poland in the late 18th century, sought to secure territories it had lost at the time of partitions; the aim of the Soviet states was to control those same territories, which had been part of the Russian Empire until the turbulent events of World War I.

The war ended on March, 18, 1921 when a formal peace treaty, the Peace of Riga, was signed dividing the disputed territories between Poland and Soviet Russia.

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