Friday, March 9, 2012

University of Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra, Portugal
Universidade de Coimbra
University of Coimbra

from a Postcrossing meet-up and signed by 10 members
postmarked in 2011 with a Portugal 'ship' stamp

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The University of Coimbra is a Portuguese public university in Coimbra, Portugal. Established in 1290, it is one of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world, the oldest university of Portugal, and one of its largest higher education and research institutions.

The University of Coimbra has approximately 20,000 students.
(The above postcard is a view of the old courtyard.)

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Chantay Smithingell said...

The library of this university sure is old! The facade portrays a kind of charm you would only see in old buildings. You'll feel the history of the school and the country itself. Postcards do show important landmarks that people should know about.