Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building

 State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA
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State Capitol and Office Building from Penn-Harris Hotel, Harrisburg, PA.
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State Capitol
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

On the left is the stained glass dome in Pennsylvania's Supreme Court chamber.  Under the dome, set off with gold-leaf moldings, is a series of murals depicting the evolution of the law.  On the right is an interior view of the golden dome of the State Capitol Building.  The dome towers 272 feet above the city.

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The Pennsylvania State Capitol is the seat of government for the U.S. state of Pennsylvania and is in downtown Harrisburg. It was designed in 1902 in a Beaux-Arts style with Renaissance themes throughout. 

The seat of government for the state was originally in Philadelphia, then was relocated to Lancaster in 1799 and finally to Harrisburg in 1812. The current capitol, known as the Huston Capitol, is the third state capitol building to be built in Harrisburg. The first, the Hills Capitol, was destroyed in 1897 by a fire and the second, the Cobb Capitol, was left unfinished when funding was discontinued in 1899.

Joseph Miller Huston designed the current capitol and it was dedicated in 1906. 

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