Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stuart Florida Sailfish Fountain by Geoffrey C. Smith

Stuart, Florida

Stuart Sailfish Monument 18 feet high
2003 Geoffrey C. Smith Galleries

unused, from 2013
We went into his gallery on my birthday and he very graciously autographed one of his postcards for me as a birthday present.  Be sure to check out his website below!

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From his website:

Geoffrey Camp Smith's earliest memories are those of the outdoor adventures he shared with his father and his two brothers. Geoffrey's first bronze was cast in 1984, opening a new world of artistic possibility. His artistic style continues to evolve. He describes it as "loose", with fingerprints tracing and suggesting feathers and fur on its subjects. A constant challenge to him is to impart the impression of motion or incipient motion to his work. Faithfulness to the spirit of the animal in its natural surroundings is very important. Geoffrey seeks to draw the observer to the animal for what it is, rather than trying to grant the animal human characteristics or expressions to draw one in.
A perfectionist at the foundry, Geoffrey has opted for a traditional chemical patina on his bronze sculptures. All bronzes are cast using the age-old lost wax process, whereby a clay original of his creation is transformed at the foundry into an enduring bronze, of limited issue. He prefers smaller limited editions, proofing each work personally before signing and numbering.

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be sure to check out his website's Gallery
my favorite is a huge octopus statue that has at the end of each tentacle a candle holder!

you can click on the octopus called 'Illuminate Maria' here....

Have you ever wondered how they make something like this?  Here is a great step by step video of Geoffrey making the sailfish you see in the above postcard ...
Like on all YouTube videos, when the little advertisement comes on at the bottom, click on the X in the right hand corner to turn it off.


ONeal said...

What a thrill that must have been to meet the artist, and get an autographed postcard to boot!

The video was mesmerizing. Loved watching it. In another life, I would be perfectly happy taking part in the process of making those bronze sculptures on a daily basis.

9teen87 said...

I agree about the video - I have watched it a few times. I always wonder how things are made. As for the artist. His gallery is downtown Stuart, Florida. We have talked to him twice now. He seems like someone you could be buddies with, down to earth.