Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Few Hillbilly Postcard for Y'all to Be Enjoyin'

Hillbilly Livin'
Wash Day

We're not afraid of work around here.  In fact the whole family can sit and watch Ma work all day, but when supper is on the table we all get busy.

Photo by Doug DePew
- - -

Hillbilly Livin'
Independent Businessmen

Pa's own business is corn products - he measures his own crop by the gallons per acre instead of bushels. Distributors Wanted.
- - -

Hillbilly Livin'
Shoppin' Spree

Back to their home in holler goes these happy hillbillies after a shopping trip to the general store.  Pa and the boys can't carry much; they're saving themselves to open gates and chase varmints out of the road.
- - -

Spring Plantin' Time
Ozark Livin' - Hillbilly Style

It's spring planting time in the Ozarks and Maw has the new ground about ready for the tomato plants.  Paw is busy keeping track of the time so Maw won't forget to go get dinner ready for him and the kids.

Photo by DePew


Danut Ivanescu said...

Gorgeous postcards.

9teen87 said...

Thanks Danut! I go to your blog often and drool over your collection :)