Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Postcard, If Kisses Were Colors

If Kisses Were Colors
by Janet Lawler
Illustrated by Alison Jay

This is a 30 page book that you close and mail as a postcard!  There were several of these for sale at our local book store.  At $4.99 each, I only bought one then mailed it to myself :D

There is also a small page with stickers that say things like: 'Handle with Care', 'To my VIP', Special Delivery', and more.  

postmarked in 2013 with three Rosa Parks stamps

Here is a scan of the back of the postcard - the post office wouldn't take it unless I put my return address on it as well.  They see me there all the time, I was at the post office where my box was too!  I asked if they could just put it in my box instead of making it go through the machines because I didn't want it to get scratched and dented.  She replied that it had to go through processing because if not it would be same day delivery.  Again.... they see me all the time and it was going into my box at that location.  Now I kind of see why the Postal Service is in trouble.  But oh-well, as you can see it made it in good condition, and it is quite the unique postcard!!!!! 


A Carton Full of Stamps said...

Lovely book postcard!
and the postcard definitely made its way in good condition!

9teen87 said...

Hello Carton Full of Stamps - Thanks for the comment on this card - I think it is lovely too - so is your blog! I checked it out :D

Miguel Oliveira said...

Cool idea :D I've bought some postcard books, but no one with that option! :D

9teen87 said...

Hello Miguel, I agree! Cool idea, but they were expensive - I hope to see more in the future that are maybe a bit thinner and cheaper. Then I would get more of them.