Monday, March 11, 2013

Sloths - Two and Three Toed

Two-Toed Sloth
Rainforest Inhabitant

Native to Guyana's Tropical Rainforest

unused, from Guyana in 2011

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As the name implies, they have only two toes on their forefeet, although, like other sloths, they have three toes on the hindfeet. They are also larger than three-toed sloths, having a body length of between 58 and 70 centimetres, and weighing 4-8 kilograms. Other distinguishing features include a more prominent snout, longer fur, and the absence of a tail. 
Two-toed sloths spend most of their life hanging from trees, and are generally nocturnal animals. They are somewhat more active than three-toed sloths.
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Here is a postcard of a Three-Toed Sloth....

Peresoso (Spanish for sloth)

Foto Jacques Robin

unused, bought in 2009

We saw two sloths in Costa Rica! One was climbing, slowly, from tree to tree.
They are very remarkable animals.


ONeal said...

Beautiful animals. Very cool that you saw one!

9teen87 said...

Costa Rica is amazing! I highly recommend vacationing there. We rented a car and GPS and drove all over. Don't drive at night though! We would be driving up in mountains, then there would be a little red cone, and then BAM the entire outside lane of the road is gone and a hole leading you on a fast path to the bottom of the mountain! And truckers drive in the center lane up there too. Going around corners was a bit tricky. My hubby drove the entire time. I refused.

ONeal said...

Whoa! Sounds like some treacherous driving conditions, glad you survived to tell about it! The days of printed maps were great, but GPS has completely transformed driving/navigation nowadays.