Monday, October 28, 2013

Buckhorn Curio Store in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, Where the Sunshine Spends the Winter

East Room of the Famous Buckhorn Curio Store.  Originally Buckhorn Bar - Established 1881

Partial interior view of the Famous Buckhorn curio Store, classed by tourists to more of a Museum than a store, for the countless numbers of horned animal heads displayed on the walls and ceiling of this unique establishment form a Natural History exhibit without equal.

Some of the outstanding specimens are: A Texas deer head with antlers containing 78 points, also a full body mounted of a Texas Long-horn Steer the horns of which are over 8 feet tip to tip. An African Gorilla full body mounted stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and the world's largest steer head is also displayed with horns measuring 7 feet 9 inches tip to tip, 11 feet along curve of horns and 21 inches around  base of horns.  The frames on the wall pictured on this card contain designs formed of the rattles of thousands of Diamond-Back Rattle Snakes.

A mounted Texas Armadillo is pictured along with Mexican hand-made pottery, drawn-work and Serape, representing some of the typical curios and souvenirs of the South-West and Mexico.

postmarked in 1941 with a USA 1 cent stamp

The sender writes that they sure do have a lot of interesting things in their collection.

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This is now the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum and is located at 300 E. Houston Street in Downtown San Antonio Texas.

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