Monday, November 4, 2013

Ore Docks of Ashland Wisconsin, Then and Now

Tearing Down the Ashland Wisconsin Ore Dock

This Wisconsin Central Railway (later Soo Line) ore dock was built in 1916 to load iron ore mined in the area into freighters.  It was last used in 1965. 

This postcard is postmarked in 2013 with a 33 cent train stamp.

The sender writes:

The dock is completely down now, only the big pillar on the end is still standing.
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This postcard is a close up of the ore dock above.....
The Soo Line oredock was built as a facility to load iron ore from railroad cars to ore boats.  The ore was shipped to foundries on the Great Lakes.  The oredock is about 70' high and 2200' long. 

1989 ADS Photography, Ashland, Wisconsin

This card is unused.

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Here is a vintage postcard of what this dock looked like when it was in use...

North-Western Ore Docks, Ashland, Wisconsin

This is postmarked in 1952 with a 2 cent 'John Adams' stamp.

USA stamp 1999
20th Century Limited 33 cents

United States Postage
John Adams 1797-1801
2 cents stamp from 1938

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