Thursday, December 10, 2015

Longaberger Company, Large Basket Building in Ohio

The seven-story, 180,000 square foot Home Office of the Longaberger Company is a one-of-a-kind basket-shaped architectural marvel and is modeled after the Company's Medium Market Basket.  The building, which serves as an icon for The Longaberger Company, is located at One Market Square, 1500 East Main Street, Newark, Ohio  43055.

The sender writes:

We do not live too far from here.  There are other large basket buildings in the town as well, but this is by far the biggest.  It is massive!

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Here is an advertising postcard from Longaberger...

You're Invited!  Join us for a unique experience where you will be introduced to the latest Longaberger products.

This is an invitation for a home party to buy their products like the wicker baskets you see here.  

This unused postcard is from 2003.

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