Thursday, May 5, 2016

Astronaut Alan B. Shepard and the Mercury Spacecraft Freedom 7

U.S. Astronaut Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
U.S. Navy Commander Alan B. Shepard, Jr. was born November 18, 1923 in East Derry, New Hampshire

On May 5, 1961, Shepard piloted the Mercury-Redstone 3 "Freedom 7" spacecraft on the first manned space flight of the United Sates.  Mr-3 was a suborbital flight following a ballistic trajectory.  The flight attained an altitude of approximately 116 statue miles and the space-craft traveled about 254 statue miles down the Atlantic Missile Range.

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Original Mercury Spacecraft Freedom 7, in which Alan B. Shepard, Jr., made the first United States manned-flight into space, May 5, 1961.  This sub-orbital flight blazed the trail for the earth-orbiting flights which were to follow.
Air an Space Building, Smithsonian Institution.

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