Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Island of Sao Nicolau at Carnival in Cape Verde

Ilha de S. Nicolau / Carnaval
Island of S. Nicolau / Carnaval (Carnival) 

Foto: Marti Roloff

The sender writes:
Carnival here is very famous and really worth it!  The windy months have just started and will go on until June, but we still have sunny and hot beautiful days. 

This is postmarked in March, 2016. 

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São Nicolau is Portuguese for Saint Nicholas. 
Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) stamp 2009
Tarentola darwini, 
Darwin's Wall Gecko, 20
- - -
Cape Verde stamp 2008
Local Trades
Profissoes Ambulantes 
Vendedeira de pao
Seller of Bread, 40

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