Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Story of Shells

The Story of Shells

Shells are the treasures of land and sea,
And numerous too, as you'll agree.
Did you know that experts now acclaim
One hundred thousand have a name?

You will see all shapes and sized too,
And colors of every shade and hue.
You learn their habits and how they breed,
How they're self-sufficient to every need.

Each builds his house with greatest pride,
And closes the door when he wants to hide.
He makes his home larger as he grows,
And takes it along wherever he goes.

One wonders whether he gets a thrill
As he decks his house with a fancy frill,
Ruffles and bands and polka dots,
Stripes and scallops and colored spots.

Their names often have a familiar ring
Such as rice, nutmeg, auger, or angel wing,
Cat's paw, bubble, worm, peanut shell,
In each case the name describes it well.

Remember the shell you used to adore
When held to your ear, the ocean would roar?
It's a favorite yet, and always will be
As everyone loves "The Song of the Sea."

Copyright 1956
Dexter Press, Inc.

The study of shells is a very fascinating hobby.  They have been collected from the beaches of the world since the dawn of history.

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