Friday, November 13, 2009

Algeria, Africa

I put everything into a French translator and wrote what is said in the parenthesis. Some of it doesn't make total sense, but at least it sheds a little understanding of what the card is saying ....

Algerie El-Djazair, Les Iles
(Algeria to El-Djazair islands)

Situee en Afrique de Nord. Centre du Maghreb - Independante le 5 Juillet 1962
(Situated in north Africa. Center of Maghreb - Independence on July 5, 1962)

Superficie 2 381 741 KM2, Dont 1200 KM De Cotes Mediterraneennes
(Surface 2,381,741 KM2, Including 1200 KM of Mediterranean Dimensions)

Point Culminant 2 918 M au tahat - Population 30,000,000 D'Habitants (1998)
(Culminating Point 2,918 M with the tahat population 30,000,000 inhabitants 1998)

Langue Officielle arabe - dialecte tamazight - Entrangere le Francais
(Arab official language - dialect tamazight - entrangere French)

Premier president: Ahmed Benbella, actuel: Abdelaziz Bouteflicka
(First president: Ahmed Benbella, Current: Abdelaziz Bouteflika)

Hommes Historiques: Emir Abdelkader, El-Mokrani, Messali El-Hadj, Ferhat Abbas ...
(Historical Men: Emir Abdelkader, El0Mokrani, Messali El-Hadj, Ferhat Abbas ...)

Teologiens Celebres: Cheikh Abdelhamid Ibn Badis, Bachir El-Ibrahimi ...
(Famous Theologists: Cheikh Abdelhamid Ibn Badis, Bachir El-Ibrahimi ...)

Culture: Med Dib, Med Racim, Med Iguerbouchen, Malek Haddad ...
(Culture: Med Dib, Med Racim, Med Iguerbouchen, Malek Haddad ...)

Principales Ressources: Ble-Dattes - Agrumes - vins - Ovins - Petrole - Gaz Naturel - Fer - Acier
(Main Resources: corn, dates, citrus fruits, ovine, petrol, natural gas, iron, steel)

Gastronomie: couscous - Mechoui ...
(Gastronomy: couscous - lamb barbeque)

This postcard is postmarked in 2009 with an Algeria stamp that has water damage.

Algeria (Algerie) stamp 2009

The 2nd Anniversary of the 
Cultural Pan African Festival in Algiers


Kiron said...

Hi Brenda,I can say most of the translation is near perfect.You are very fortunate to get a card from Algeria.
Kiron Manuel

bathmate said...

Thank you for your fantastic posting