Sunday, November 29, 2009

S. S. Independence - In the News

S. S. Independence - American Export Lines

1000 passengers - 23 knots cruising speed
29,500 tons. She and her sister, S. S. Constitution are first completely air-conditioned transatlantic liners. These thoroughly modern ships exemplify Modern American Living at Sea. They are in regular transatlantic service between New York, Algerciras, Cannes, Genoa, and Naples.

postmarked in 1957 with three Spain stamps - two for 2 ptas and on for 50 cts

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SS Independence is an ocean liner built in 1951 for American Export Lines.
In 1959, Independence was rebuilt as a cruise ship.
Between 1974 and 1982 she sailed as SS Oceanic Independence, after which she reverted to her original name.
Since 2006 the ship has been named SS Oceanic.
On 8 February 2008, after being mothballed for 7 years, SS Oceanic left San Francisco for Singapore, and is currently laid up in Dubai.

SS Independence was a sister ship to the SS Constitution, which sank while under tow en route to be scrapped in 1997.

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In the News

November 2009

Toxic ship

A ship believed to be carrying toxic and radioactive waste and anchored some 40 nautical miles from the Alang coast in Gujarat could pose a deadly threat to marine ecosystems and human lives. Of US origin, the ship Platinum-II (formerly known as SS Independence and SS Oceanic) was penalised by the US Environmental Protection Agency for contamination. It was heading to the ship-breaking yard at Alang and is reported to be loaded with 210 tonnes of material contaminated with toxic polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), besides tonnes of asbestos in its body.

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