Saturday, November 28, 2009

a few UGLY postcards for your enjoyment :D

Orchards along Okanagan Lake, Penticton, B. C. - SceneOchroM card -
I bet this place is very pretty, but the photo is dark, full of shadows, and out of focus!
postmarked in 1958 with 4c queen Canadian stamp
- - -

Merry Christmas from old Florida - Simply Sanford - like coming home -

I must say, I love Sanford. It's small, full of antique stores, and a fun place to spend the day, but this has to be the ugliest Christmas postcard I've ever seen! - postmarked in 12-2006
- - -

California - A mass of humanity on Santa Monica Beach
postmarked in 1992 with US 19 cent balloon stamp - the photo on the card is as dark as you see it on the scan.

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