Thursday, January 7, 2010

Giant Fir Trees in Canada

Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

Photo Eric J. Cooke

Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Park on Hwy. No. 4 between Parksville and the Albernis is a living monument of giant Douglas Fir Trees and other native species.

The largest are 800 years old, but most sprouted when a fire opened the forest about 300 years ago.

Vancouver, Island, British Columbia

postmarked in 1995 with a Canada Apple Tree stamp

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To give it a little perspective: The oldest trees sprouted when Genghis Khan was alive - or about 300 years before Columbus found America!

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Kiron said...

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for loading up the image of the Fir tree.I have nearly the exact image in a book that I read often.I could never imagine this same Fir tree image being used a a postcard.Truly a picture conveys a thousand words and emotions. A note about the postage stamp too.I seem to be fasciated by that particular stamp since I love apples and I have most of the stamps in sets.I would scourge for stamps of Canada and try to match with what I have.Yes trees are much more older than any other life form on earth.To think these trees are the age of Genghis Khan if he were alive today.Keep up the good work.