Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Use Chopsticks

How to Use Chopsticks

1. Hold your dominant hand as if you are going to shake hands with someone.
2. Secure the first chopstick in the crook between your thumb and index finger.
3. Place the second chopstick on top and hold it with your thumb and index finger.
4. Tuck your ring finger underneath the first (lower) chopstick.
5. Tuck your middle finger underneath the second (upper) chopstick. To pick up food, move the second chopstick up and down to grip pieces with the ends of the two chopsticks.

unused, from 2004

This is from a set of 30 postcards about dim sum.


Kiron said...

Hi Brenda,Thanks for displaying this card.Many people who want to live a `Chinese way` of life try to get a hand on chopsticks.I know some non-chinese who are living family lives with chinese spouses.I need to ask them if they have mastered this chopstick eating process.I am also going to reveal the finger movement of typical chinese who are chopstick users.You will notice that their fingers move differently...obviously a reaction to their training using chopsticks.Keep up the good work.

Chopsticks said...

Thanks for the exceptional advice, but I still can't do it. I guess chopsticks aren't made for me.

9teen87 said...

Hello Chopsticks, nice nickname buy the way -

It's like I tell me kids, you can do anything if you try hard enough! But with your name and website, I'm guessing you are brilliant with chopsticks :D :D :D