Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wood Fishing Box Postcard - What do you think?

This postcard is a small hand made box with a hand carved fish loose inside it. The back has the typical postcard place for address and stamp.

Definition of a postcard:

A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. However, some postcards have deviated from this (for example, shaped postcards).

With this said, I have postcard made from Plastic, Metal, Leather, Fabric and Wood. One of my wood cards Has been sent through the mail with a stamp on the back. (See yesterday's blog) So, 'wood' you consider this a postcard?

unused, the man I bought it from ($3.00) said it is from the 1940's

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Kiron Manuel said...

Hi Brenda,Just to let you know that I received a wooden postcard from Taiwan.I live in Malaysia.From what I hear wooden postcards are common in Taiwan.I will send you a scan soon.
Kiron Manuel