Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

Here Human, Human, Human.

The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

Surround yourself in a wild jungle adventure starring the King of the Jungle. This upclose and personal approach is designed to educate and amaze.

unused, bought in 2009

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Nestled in the heart of the MGM Grand, the lions of this Las Vegas resort are clearly the kings of this neon jungle.

Separated from the lions by only one and a half inches of glass, visitors can watch as these majestic creatures feed, play, groom themselves and sleep.

When they're not on display, the lions live on an 8.5-acre ranch located 12 miles from the MGM Grand. The lions are bathed and blown dry before being transported in a specially designed van to the MGM Grand each day.

Rotated in and out of the exhibit throughout the day, the lions are kept in the habitat for only six hours at a time. Generally, only a few lions will be on display at any given time, but there are 31 in all -- 20 females and 11 males.

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