Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Few Murals from Quebec City, Canada

Quebec, Ville D'Histoire et de la culture Francaise en Amerique
Quebec, The city of French Culture and history in America
Quebec, La Ciudad de la cultura Francesa E historia en America
Quebec, Die stadt der Franzosischen kultur und Geschichte in Americka
also written in an Asian language

unused, bought in 2012

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This is part of the old town of Quebec, it is all little antique stores, restaurants, art galleries and little boutiques.  There are a few of the buildings that have large murals painted on them like the picture on the right. This one is titled: The Fresco Petit Champlain - It depicts milestones in the history of Cap-Blanc, Québec City's working-class waterfront neighborhood, from the beginnings of New France until the present day.
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The Mural of Quebecers, Saint Lawrence River and the South Shore of Quebec City
La Fresque des Quebecois, le fleuve Saint -Laurent et la Rive-Sud de Quebec

postmarked in 2012 with two Canadian stamps - a baby fox 1.03 and a caterpillar
Danaus Plexippus (Monarch Butterfly) 2

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This mural recounts the story of Québec City, its unique architecture and fortifications, and its larger-than-life personalities. If you look closely at the building's windows: you would see some 15 historic figures and nearly a dozen of Québec's leading writers and artists.

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