Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bushman, Namibia

San (Bushmen), Namibia
Photos by: Gerald Hoberman

postmarked in 2010 from South Africa with two stamps (Coral Rockcod 50 c and Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg R 2.40)

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The Bushmen have lived in the Kalahari for 20,000 years as hunter-gatherers.  They hunt wild game with bows and poison arrows and gather edible plants, such as berries, melons and nuts, as well as insects. Bushmen rarely drink water; they get most of their water requirements from plant roots and desert melons found on or under the desert floor. They often store water in the blown-out shells of ostrich eggs. These Bushmen live in huts built from local materials—the frame is made of branches, and the roof is thatched with long grass. 


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Kalahari Bushman, Namibia

postmarked in 2009 

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