Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two Advertising Postcards of Hantla ry Concerts in Finland

 - Konsertti

Pyharannan Reilan - Hannulassa
lauantaina (Saturday) 2/7/2011

Laulusolistit: (Vocal soloists):
Esso Luttinen, Petri Backstrom, Sami Luttinen, Sauli Luttinen

The sender writes:
This is a funny misprint.  It should be Eino, Leino, Konsertti (Concert) The printer had made the cards just days before this years concert and we noticed the error only afterwards.  (Well, only me and 2 other people bought three cards.)

This is sent from Finland in 2015.
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Eino Leino (6 July 1878 – 10 January 1926) was a Finnish poet and journalist and is considered one of the pioneers of Finnish poetry. His poems combine modern and Finnish folk elements.
Changes in Everyday Life
Hexagon Images, 1
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Hantlan Kesa
Konsertti 2015

Pyharannan Reilan Hannulassa (The location) La 25 - 07 (The date) klo 16 (the time)

Soi, Soi, Sibelius!

Hantla ry

The sender writes:
This concert was here the day before.  It was the only sunny day this summer, which was lucky because it was an open air thing.

This is postmarked in 2014 from Finland.

I found the names of the singers performing on line:
Essi Luttinen - Mezzo-soprano
Sami Luttinen - Bass
Laura Nykänen - Mezzo-soprano
Sauli Luttinen - Baritone
The Student Union's quartet-YL Ville Nikunen, Juuso Vanonen, Thomas Niemelä, Matti Jalava - Male voice quartet
Tuula Hällström - Piano Artist
Rauno Luttinen - Recitation
Finland stamp 2012
Stratus Nebulosus (Clouds) 1 KL

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