Thursday, June 13, 2013

Liberty Park Buildings 1967 in San Salvador, El Salvador

Parque Libertad, Edificios Comercial Y Central, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.
Liberty Park, Comercial and Central Buildings, San Salvador; El Salvador, Central America.

postmarked in 1967 with two El Salvador Animal Stamps 

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Plaza Libertad is the location of the Monumento de los Héroes (Monument to the Heroes), a commemoration of the centenary of the "First Cry of Independence" in 1811. The monument, designed by Francisco Durini Cáseres, and installed in 1911, is crowned by an "angel of freedom" at its pinnacle holding a laurel wreath in both hands. 

El Salvador Stamp 1963
Micoleon (Tamarin) Pottus Flavus (Potos Flavus) - 10 Correos
- - -
El Salvador Stamp 1963
Pezote (Whtie Nosed Coati) Nasua Narica - 6 Correos

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